Wesele / Wedding - Voila! Festival
Wesele / Wedding - Voila! Festival
Past Performance
In The Theatre
November 7th - November 10th 2018
18 +

A one woman show rooted in the European tradition of absurdist political comedy. It’s the last Polish-English wedding before Brexit. The MC invites the audience to take part in wedding games and a Polish disco singalong to keep the couple together, keep the international community together. Will they succeed?

In English, Polish & Esperanto

At midnight, the UK will officially leave the EU and restrictions on mixed marriages will be implemented. It’s the last Polish-English wedding before Brexit, and the Mistress of Ceremonies is making sure the celebrations are running smoothly and in accordance with Polish tradition. The guests/audience are invited to take part in racy wedding games and disco polo singalongs - a music genre that divides Poles as much as it unites them. With full media attention on this end-of-an-era wedding, it’s ‘keep calm and party on’, while the realisation that tonight is the highlight of the MCs career and most likely the last wedding she will ever host, gradually sinks in.

Inspired by a 1901 masterpiece of Polish literature by S. Wyspianski, ‘Wesele / Wedding’ presents truths of the Polish migrant experience set against the provocations of the mainstream media. The show explores gender stereotypes, tradition, religion & family values, exposing how they shape society’s perceptions of itself & the ‘other.’ Moments of comedy are interspersed with poignant and sometimes dark ‘off-script’ stories of love, family bonds stretched over many miles and anecdotes about migrants’ lives and attempts at integration.

The evening's celebrations are interrupted by news that European borders are closing. Could the Brexit negotiations have gone wrong? Again? As the party descends into chaos, the MC is determined to complete the wedding ritual with the party trick she’s been saving 'til now.

Website: wesele-wedding.tumblr.com

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Twitter: @margotvicka #weseleshow

Instagram: @przymierska

7th November 7:15pm

8th November 8:45pm postshow Q+A

10th November 8:45pm

Creative Team
Margot Przymierska .

Margot is a London-based Polish performer, writer, producer & bilingual wedding emcee.  In 2010 she graduated from East 15 Acting School with BA Acting.  She trained in devising & physical theatre with Fragments Ensemble & played Margarita in their version of ‘Master & Margarita’ at Edinburgh Fringe. Her other acting credits include ‘EastEnders’ & in 2017 feature ‘Swimming With Men’.

In 2011 Margot founded the Polish Artists in London (PAiL) collective, where she adapted contemporary Polish plays for bilingual audiences at Rich Mix & Polish Social & Cultural Association & made research-inflected site-specific theatre work for London Metropolitan Archives.

Margot’s practice formed part of research projects on cultural perspectives on migration by University College London (2013) & translingualism at Birkbeck University of London (2014-15).

During her artistic residency at Battersea Arts Centre in 2014 Margot collaborated with artist Nicholas Morgan.  As a live art duo, Przymierska Morgan explore the complex relationship between stories told by mass popular culture & what feels like our own immediate subjective experience.  They performed at BAC, Cardiff MADE & The Cockpit during Voila! Europe 2017 where they premiered a multilingual piece ‘Crossing The Line’ with a cast of 9 performers, diverse in terms of ages, abilities & ethnicities.

Since 2015 Margot has been part of The People Speak collective where she facilitates pop-up talk shows & discussions at public events and festivals such as Newham Show & Supernormal.