Unfamiliar - work in progress
Unfamiliar - work in progress
Past Performance
In The Theatre
June 18th 2018

If you could transform the thoughts in your head that stop you from becoming what you were always meant to be, would you?

Unfamiliar is an interactive performance installation about legacy, language biases and survival. You’re invited to a ritual of breaking blocks and building blocks. Are you brave and curious enough to generate something new?

We, theatremaker Victor Esses and visual artist Yorgos Petrou, have never collaborated before. We have been together for four years. We both love popcorn and Lebanese food. We both grew up in a belief system that denied our legitimacy and made us feel unworthy. And we both secretly enjoy listening to Justin Bieber.

Recently, we decided to bring our processes together into an empty space. Drawing upon interviews with members of queer and other less conventional families, relevant visual material and pre-recorded conversations on parenting, our personal lives and the politics of queer existence, we will negotiate lines and ideas to make something…. something that could change our lives forever.

Monday 18 June 4-5pm