Past Performance
In The Theatre
November 15th - November 17th 2017

Mothers, daughters, lovers, leaders. Six characters created by Shakespeare, six women of different nationalities, six stories that amaze us to this day. But what do they do when they're not in their own plays? They have a dinner party. And although they might not be the best cooks or the greatest thinkers, whatever they do, they do it with passion. Where will it lead this time? Perhaps all will be revealed with dessert. So come gentlemen, and ladies, we shall drink down all unkindness!


{Begin Begin} presents

FEAST : Women’s Appetite for Shakespeare (a play in one cooking)

by Olivia Negrean

produced by Parrabbola


Charlie Coletta, Lucy Ford, Hannah Lucas, Marie Rabe, Olivia Negrean, Sara Barison,

directed by Philip Parr

16th -18 November: 7.15pm

Part of the Voila Europe Festival Tickets: £10/£8 or Double Bill: £15